About Wedding Anarchy

Hey! I’m Sabrina, the woman behind Wedding Anarchy.

I received my Wedding Planning Certification in February 2019, after four years of difficult, unsatisfying post-college job-hopping. I am many things: A creative. A writer. A struggling Millennial. An animal lover. A trained singer & performing artist. A human who’s always been a little too keen on asking tricky questions and questioning authority. Perhaps most relevantly, I’m a passionate and opinionated wedding enthusiast who never stops dreaming of seeing things change for the better.

Wedding Anarchy was created with three goals in mind: To create space for those who find themselves underrepresented (or unrepresented) in the wedding industry; to explore ideas & concepts that help you create a wedding that’s a better fit for you; and to help me learn and grow as both a wedding professional and a person.

What does Wedding Anarchy stand for?

Accessibility. Weddings and other events should be fun and accessible for everyone.

Diversity. Weddings and newlyweds come in all shapes, sizes, & styles, and cultures, colours, & contexts. We want to see more representation of those who aren’t appropriately represented in the wedding industry. We also want to elevate and amplify these voices whenever possible!

Originality. Every wedding is a blank canvas. We don’t believe there is any “correct” or “incorrect” way to do a wedding. We believe that when it comes to your wedding, the only authority you should have to answer to is yourself!

Supporting Small. We believe in supporting small, local businesses and entrepreneurs as much as possible. When you support small, you enrich and empower your communities!