Five Reasons to have a Winter Wedding

Five Reasons to have a Winter Wedding

I firmly believe that Winter weddings are underrated.

Of course, there are some undeniable drawbacks to Winter weddings: Some people may find it difficult to attend a wedding after dropping a bunch of money on holiday gifts or travel. Certain outdoor spaces may not be available for your wedding (or if they are, they require an expensive tent and heating). Snowstorms can make transporting guests, vendor goods, or décor difficult. And you don’t get as many hours of daylight for photos. But if you can swing it, Winter weddings are stunning, romantic, and budget-friendly!

Snow. Need I say more? Snow makes the world look crisp, clean, and quiet. Snow-covered trees and buildings make for gorgeous wedding photos, and if you’re lucky enough to experience snow falling on your actual wedding day? Your photos will be amazing.

Winter is the off-season for weddings. Most venues offer cheaper rates and packages to folks having their wedding in Winter. You could save anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on your wedding if you opt to host it between November and March!

The décor is already there. Depending on when you host your wedding, venues may already have a certain amount of decoration up for the holidays. Best-case scenario: You don’t even need to spend money on décor! Even if your venue isn’t pre-decorated, a Winter backdrop tends to make everything more dramatic by default. Think of your wedding as a canvas: If your canvas is already full of colour, it takes more effort to make things stand out. But if your canvas features a healthy dose of snowy white, colours pop more and light doesn’t get lost or swallowed up so easily. This means that even the most minimalist or subdued décor has a bigger impact.

Vendors are less busy. When you host a wedding in Winter, you’re not competing with ten to fifty other weddings for the same vendor. You’re more likely to book your first choice when it comes to vendors… and because they aren’t as swamped with other spouses-to-be, they’ll be able to give you more of their time and attention!

Travel costs might be lower. Depending on where your wedding is, transportation and accommodation might be less expensive for you and your guests. Of course, this probably won’t be the case around the holidays- but if your wedding is before or after the holiday rush (and isn’t in a popular Wintertime vacation destination), you may find yourself paying off-season prices for transportation tickets and hotel rooms & packages!

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