Five Ways to do a Weddingmoon

Five Ways to do a Weddingmoon


It’s a very clumsy-sounding portmanteau, but the concept is pretty great. A Weddingmoon is basically an upgraded destination wedding: You go on your honeymoon, and you get married while you’re there.

Getting married. On your honeymoon. Freaking brilliant.

Two birds, one stone, right?

A weddingmoon works especially well for elopements and microweddings, but can be re-shaped to fit larger guest lists. You could keep the location close to make it easier for your guests to attend… Or you could invite your guests to stay for a couple days and take part in your wedding, while you and your partner(s) stay for another week or two to enjoy the rest of your honeymoon in peace!

What kind of weddingmoon appeals to you?

You could take a cruise and say your “I do’s” offshore. Major cruise lines often offer a wedding or elopement package that you can take advantage of- it can include a room and an officiant, or it can include an entire décor, cake, photography, and reception package! Granted, cruises aren’t exactly known for being environmentally friendly. If having a green wedding is important to you, consider chartering a private boat or yacht during your honeymoon, instead. Many chartering companies will offer special event or wedding packages, as well!

You can have a road trip honeymoon and get married on a stop along the way. Or your wedding can be your first stop! Not everyone loves driving for hours on end and making stops all the time. But if the road calls to you, or you have an entire list of destinations you want to hit on your honeymoon, this could be perfect for you! If you have loved ones spread across the province/state, country, or continent, this can also be a great way to visit and celebrate your nuptials with them (especially if you decided to elope or have a tiny ceremony). If you want to take a more elegant angle, you can call it your “Royal Tour” and take steps to make yourselves feel like royalty, indulging in a few luxuries while you make the rounds visiting your loved ones (or if you’re really into the theme, your “neighbouring courts”).

You can take a camping, glamping, or nature trip and have your ceremony in a spot rich with natural beauty. National parks and more rugged vacation destinations are excellent candidates for this! If you’re a self-described Adventurer or you’re having Pagan ceremony, this might be exactly the alternative you’re looking for. Rent a bunch of cabins, tents, RV’s, or camping spots and invite the whole community, or keep it intimate by escaping with just your partner(s). The natural beauty of the mountains, lake, trees, waterfalls, etc. means that you can take the money you could have spent on décor and put it towards a photographer or videographer instead, to capture the breathtaking backdrop of your wedding!

You could always just plan your dream honeymoon as normal and throw a wedding in there. There’s no need to try and fit into one of the stereotypical honeymoon molds- put together whatever your idea of the perfect honeymoon would be, and fit the wedding in there as one excursion or as the activity for a day. Fit your vows in between spa treatments in Iceland. Set aside a few hours to get married near a landmark in Japan. Get married before seeing an opera in Paris or commedia dell’arte in Rome. Make it official after some zip-lining in Brazil. Whatever your dream is- do it!

If international travel isn’t in the budget (or it’s just not your thing), there’s nothing wrong with keeping it local. Having a honeymoon closer to home doesn’t make it any less of a honeymoon! Whether it’s on the other side of the country or an hour’s drive from home, there are a million and one ways to have a local weddingmoon. Escaping to the countryside, indulging in some small town charm, or taking advantage of everything the city has to offer are all valid and exciting ways to celebrate your marriage! Local businesses can often surprise you with the quality of whatever it is they offer. Your spa day, celebratory dinner, afternoon of shopping, or hotel stay might just exceed all of your expectations and make your weddingmoon better than you imagined. And the best part? They’re local! You can come back whenever you want!

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