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This is where I’m keeping some of my personal creative writing for your viewing pleasure. By sharing my content on my website, I’m keeping it copyrighted and (hopefully) protected from theft. It also allows me to not-so-subtly plug my professional blog (know anyone looking to hire a wedding professional?).

I don’t claim to be a good writer. I don’t even claim to be a decent writer. But I feed off of other people’s enthusiasm when I get stuck. So go ahead: Praise it, critique it, drag it through the mud. I write for my own gratification, and my self-esteem does not hinge on other people’s opinions of my writing. Praise is great, critique is lovely, and harsh words won’t hurt me (I promise). Interact with my writing in whichever way makes you happy!

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Interested in some D&D fantasy backstory? I started writing the backstory/”hook” for my character, Erileth, that I played in a Princes of the Apocalypse campaign. What was supposed to be a three- to five-page short story (predictably) turned into a story with a five-part prologue (whoops). It’s old, it’s unfinished, it probably still has typos living in it. But here it is, anyways.