Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Actually Use

Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Actually Use

Wedding favours are optional, no matter what anyone tells you. I can guarantee you that most of the time, they aren’t even used. It’s completely acceptable to just save the money and forgo them.

BUT- if you’re really into the idea, and the concept of neatly-wrapped little gifts for your guests just makes you happy (fair), then consider going for something consumable. Your guests will be more likely to actually use it than see it buried with a random box of tchotchkes somewhere… Or even worse, just left behind at the reception.

If you want my opinion, I believe that the best favours are small treats that either feel luxurious, unique to the location or event, or both. While this sounds expensive (which, to be fair, it CAN be), it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Most of these ideas can easily be done yourself, if you have the time, energy, or help to do so!

Olive Oil & Vinegar. High-quality oil and/or vinegar, or oils and vinegars that have been infused with other flavours will make anyone feel like an amazing home chef, regardless of how good they actually are. Even if your guests don’t especially enjoy cooking, they can enjoy it on some salad or on a plate with a couple rolls of bread.

Candles. Who doesn’t love lighting a few candles for a bubble bath? Or a romantic night in? Or just to have kicking around the next time the power goes out? If you’re able to, try to avoid buying or making candles with paraffin wax. While it hold scent and colour well, it’s not very clean-burning or eco-friendly. My personal favourite is coconut wax!

A Little Dessert for the Road. You know what’s even better than stuffing your face full of sweets at the wedding? Stuffing yourself full of sweets after the wedding. Treats like cookies, macarons, cupcakes, bark, chocolate-covered nuts or pretzels, brownies, squares, and confections are great gifts to send your guests off with! Just make sure to keep dietary restrictions in mind to make sure no one feels left out.

Tea or Coffee. More and more of us are becoming tea snobs and coffee connoisseurs. And it’s not surprising… once you taste good tea/coffee, it’s hard to go back to the cheap, grocery store stuff. There are plenty of businesses out there who will help you create a loose-leaf tea blend for your wedding, or give you special coffee beans to package up as favours!

Spice Blends, Rubs, and Salts. Much like fancy oil and vinegar, special blends of spices and salts inspire everyone to get creative in the kitchen. This doesn’t have to be specifically for savoury foods, either- you can definitely buy or make your own special blend with sugar, to be used with baking or making sweeter drinks!

Soap, Bath Bombs, and Face Masks. Encourage your guests to relax after your wedding with some spa-inspired self-care items. Use any colours, scents, or ingredients you want… Just be mindful of allergies! Bonus: You can use everything leftover for yourselves, because planning a wedding is stressful AF and you probably need to chill the hell out.

Alcohol. Granted, you’ll need to make sure this is okay with the venue, and check any relevant liability information. But single-serving bottles of special whiskey, wine, rum, vodka, or any other alcoholic drink give your guests something to toast with after the party.

Locally-Made or -Harvested Goodies. Jams, jellies, honey, maple syrup, and preserves are all delicious ways to highlight the location! Plus they give your loved ones a little something sweet to enjoy the morning after over breakfast.

Hot Chocolate or Baking Mixes. These can be super cheap and super easy to make on your own. Just fill a jar or bottle with the ingredients (layered or mixed together), include the recipe, slap on something pretty and you’re all set to go! You can customize the flavours as much as you like, as well, if you want to give your guests something a little more unique or accommodate some dietary restrictions.

Seed Paper or Seed Bombs. These are surprisingly easy to make yourself! You can write a note, make some confetti, use molds… The sky’s the limit! They’re inexpensive and eco-friendly as hell, and they flowers that bloom from them help support the local bees!

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