Why Pop-Up Weddings Deserve to be Your Plan A

Why Pop-Up Weddings Deserve to be Your Plan A

On one hand, I completely understand the importance we’re told that we should be placing on weddings. We’ll only get to do them once (maybe twice, maybe more in rare cases), so we should make sure it’s perfect the first time. But on the other hand… It’s a party. You only have any given birthday once. Some people only have a child once, or adopt once. Most people only get their driver’s license once. You may only achieve or accomplish something once. But none of these things are given the same importance as a wedding. No one expects you to obsess over every single little detail for a graduation party, or coordinate everything to a specific, carefully-coordinated colour scheme for a retirement party. You aren’t expected to shell out thousands and thousands of dollars for a milestone birthday, or dream about the perfect Gotcha Party for your newly-adopted dog or cat (although if you do daydream about this and you’re in the market for a planner, send me a photo of your soon-to-be fur baby and we’ll talk).

Weddings shouldn’t have to be complicated. They shouldn’t have to be stressful. You shouldn’t feel obliged or expected to have a perfect wedding, with every single thing custom-tailored to your exact specifications and personalities.

If the details aren’t worth the stress of planning them, or if you’re looking to have a pretty wedding on a budget, get on the internet and take a look at the nearest pop-up wedding events.

A pop-up wedding is basically what it sounds like: The venue, décor, officiant, photographer, and (usually) some food and drinks are already all taken care of. All you need to do is book your time, get your outfits together, invite your guests (or not!), and show up!

Pop-up weddings are way less stressful than traditional weddings. Smaller guest lists make whatever you do plan less stressful, and it opens the door for more possibilities with what you want to do before or after your ceremony. Booking a restaurant reservation, event tickets, or general admission for ten to thirty people is a lot easier than booking for one hundred-plus people. And because the whole event will only take from one to three hours tops, you’ll have the entire rest of your day to spend however you want. Want to spend the entire morning in your pajamas, eating leftover pizza? Or relax by the pool all afternoon and just enjoy being newly married? Maybe you don’t feel like this whole wedding thing is that big a deal (valid), and you just want to take a half-day off of work instead of a full day? With a pop-up wedding, you have the freedom to do anything you want!

If you don’t care about the fiddly details, or just aren’t picky about the aesthetic of your wedding, a pop-up wedding would be right up your alley. It’s okay if all you want from your wedding is something nice or pretty. The pop-up coordinator will take care of all of the décor details for you. It’s like taking your wedding, handing the entire thing off to a planner, and saying “you do it”. You won’t have to spend any time at all on researching venues or sourcing decorations. Linen colours? Bah. Napkin rings and centrepieces? Who cares? The “what”, “where”, “how many” and “what size” of the floral arrangements? A fool’s errand. Someone else is taking care of this for you. Look at you, living in the lap of luxury.

Pop-up weddings are also WAY less expensive. Depending on the venue and the company or coordinator you’re getting married with, you’ll probably be paying between $3,000 to $5,000 for your wedding. That’s wildly inexpensive when you compare it to the $15,000 to $50,000 that many celebrants pay for a more traditional wedding. If you just don’t have the funds for a five-figure wedding budget, a pop-up would be an excellent way to have a beautiful wedding on a budget. If you do have a comfortable amount of money to spend, you can put whatever doesn’t go towards your wedding into a fund for a honeymoon, a home, children, education, travel, charitable donations… anything you like!

Whether you have the budget or not, a lot of celebrants today genuinely just want a low-key wedding. And that’s fair… pomp & circumstance, formality, and solemnity aren’t for everyone. You can have all the money in the world, and a very high stress tolerance, but maybe easy-going is just more your style. That’s valid! And pop-up weddings give you the chance to have a wedding that’s both relaxed and beautiful.

If you’re especially concerned about keeping your wedding as eco-friendly as possible, pop-ups are super green. The same décor is used for multiple weddings over the course of one to three days. This means lots of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling going on, as well as a far smaller carbon footprint from transporting everything from one place to another. Less resources are used in general, and less waste is produced from multiple pop-up ceremonies than would be produced from a single, full-day wedding. A smaller guest list also translates to a smaller impact on the planet!

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